Discover a new way to work with AWS S3.

Hubble is a modern web app for Amazon AWS S3 featuring powerful search, analytics, and actions across millions of files.

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Hubble Console S3 File Analytics
Hubble Console Saved Search as Views
Hubble Console S3 File List Browser

Get the full picture of S3 files across multiple AWS accounts without coding. Gain immediate insights on accounts and buckets through aggregate metadata.

Locate files with fast keyword search, or use powerful filters to build complex searches that can be saved as views for future one-click access.

Use familiar FTP-style functions to upload, download, edit and delete files. Execute bulk actions such as tagging on sets of files via search.

Free early access accounts

Free accounts for beta members

Sign up for the Hubble Beta waitlist and enjoy a free tier subscription. For the developer using FTP or the DevOps using CLI, Hubble adds powerful search, analytics, bulk actions and editing all from one, modern interface.

Multiple S3 accounts

Connect multiple AWS S3 accounts

Get up and running with Hubble in minutes and start discovering and cataloging hundreds, thousands, and millions of objects across multiple AWS S3 accounts and buckets. Easily digest holistic, aggregate data and key metrics.

Browser editor

Edit S3 files with FTP style editor

Use Hubble’s built-in FTP/IDE functions to upload, download, edit and delete files directly on S3 without ever leaving the browser. Change metadata on individual files, view image files, listen to audio files, or edit text, and script files.

Modify S3 objects in bulk

Modify S3 objects in bulk without coding

Take action on found S3 objects without the pain of API coding or command line (CLI) actions. Apply tagging (metadata) to found sets of objects to enable custom control lifecycle management, such as applying Glacier cold storage.

Search millions of S3 files

Search & analyze millions of S3 objects

Search across millions of files by bucket, filename, size, type, date, extension, and key name (path). Save searches as “views” for future exporting, editing, or analysis. Perform powerful analysis to enable informed actions.

S3 file sharing

Securely share single or multiple S3 files

Share files of any size with secure, expiring web links. Export and share object lists via downloadable CSV or TSV (Tab-separated values). Distribute secure, time-expiring direct S3 file links individually or as a list of links via PDF.